Are you getting the most out of your telematics system?
You know that your telematics system is a great tool to help you track idle time and fuel usage but it can do so much more. Find out how you can use the full capabilities of telematics to boost your productivity.

Advanced problem solving

Machines are not humans; they are unable tell us when they don’t feel good. Telematics, however, can alert owners to critical data that may point to an underlying problem. Some programs are designed to send an alert to maintenance providers so they can inspect the issue and decide on the best course of action before it leads to costly downtime.
Telematics systems can call on lifecycle data for major components and other parts and then notify owners when certain parts may need to be repaired, inspected or changed. It’s time consuming to stay on top of service intervals with a fleet of any size. Having a system designed to monitor machines and focus on these important metrics – as well as routine scheduled maintenance – can help prevent potentially significant financial impacts.
Training tool
With usage data at the tip of a finger, monitoring how a machine is operated on a daily basis is quick and convenient. Hard data presented in a straightforward manner can help make a convincing case when asking an operator to change his or her habits. Presenting a veteran operator with data to back up the request could serve as the key to sparking a change.  
Additionally, compiling operating data from a fleet of equipment can assist a company in developing a list of best practices. Constantly monitoring and evaluating data can uncover patterns and trends, which can lead to operational changes that deliver significant savings.

Theft prevention

Heavy equipment is a very appropriate description of the machines we use every day. Just because they are big and heavy doesn’t mean they can’t disappear. GPS tracking for machines is a standard feature in most telematics systems and real-time GPS data is great for monitoring jobsite progress. It’s also extremely helpful when a piece of equipment is suddenly not on a jobsite.

When Ates Construction Owner Alan Ates arrived at one of his sites and realized his Komatsu PC55MR excavator was missing, he called his local distributor and asked them to pull it up in KOMTRAX. Within 15 minutes the distributor located the machine and alerted the authorities who were on track to recovering the machine. 

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