Komatsu WA475-10
Your feedback drives improved performance!
In-the-field conversations led to a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency, compared to the WA470-8 model. Customer feedback also led to next-generation technology and a new bucket design that improves pile penetration and better retains material in load-and-carry applications.
Discover how these improvements can transform your production.
High performance powertrain
The WA475-10 reduces emissions, speeds up response and reduces fuel consumption.
Operator environment
With feedback from our customers, the operator’s cabin has been completely redesigned.
Increased productivity
The innovative control system optimizes travel acceleration, traction force and more.
In-the-field conversations led to a redesigned wheel loader that lowers owning and operating costs.
Design Innovation
Any increase in fuel efficiency translates to reduced operating costs and a boost to your company’s bottom line. When combined with greater productivity and lower maintenance expenses, the benefits can become even more significant.

“Those savings potentially make equipment  users more competitive and more profitable,” said Komatsu Senior Product Manager Bruce Boebel. “Feedback we received in the field guided us to improvements that make the new WA475-10 wheel loader up to 30 percent more fuel efficient compared to the WA470-8 model (production/fuel). We've incorporated next-generation technology with considerable benefits to make this machine ideal for quarry, waste, infrastructure, forestry and non-residential applications.” 
Bruce Boebel, Komatsu Senior Product Manager

More muscle, simplified control 

The WA475-10 has 18 percent more horsepower than the WA470-8 but achieves increased fuel efficiency with its Komatsu Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT). Contributing to better economy and productivity is the independent work equipment control that simplifies operation by separating the accelerator pedal from the speed of the work equipment. “If a few extra RPM are needed, a work equipment lever can be used to spool up the pump,” Boebel explained. “That allows the operator to concentrate on approaching the hopper or truck without the need to push the accelerator to speed up. It’s a lot more fluid operation.” 

KHMT’s dynamic braking reduces brake wear, extending component life. The loader’s auto hill-holding function enables it to remain stationary on a slope without the brakes, so even if the operator does not apply the brake pedal, the machine won’t roll back on uphill applications, such as stockpiling. 
A true workhorse engineered from
customer input
To further boost productivity, the boom lift force of the WA475-10 is bolstered by 20 percent and breakout force is increased by 8 percent. A new bucket design improves pile penetration and better retains material in load and carry applications.

“Further conversations with equipment users also led to an improved operating environment that includes an updated cab with floor-to-ceiling glass, ergonomically designed switch layouts and a fully adjustable five-axis console for enhanced operator comfort,” Boebel said. “It is a true workhorse engineered from customer input.” 
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